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Honestly, Im not really into all this web blogging stuff, but I think its worth sharing my weight loss experience, since there are many desperate overweight people out there. Thanks to PhenQ, Im not one anymore!

Obesity was something I had been fighting for a long time. I tried for years to lose weight but kept steadily gaining, and none of the pills, diets, exercises etc. seemed to help me. However, things started to really get out of control when I got into this new job that requires spending many hours sitting at a desk behind a computer. This, combined with an addiction to fatty foods (talk about a lack of willpower) made me realize that its time to take some serious action, as my weight reached a whopping 240 pounds.

I went straight to an old good friend of mine, Derek, who works as a personal trainer at a local gym. He could barely recognize me! I was told that the only thing that could possibly help me is a strong fat burner coupled with a change in eating habits. The last point didnt sound too exciting, because I wasnt willing to completely cut off certain foods from my daily menu. However, Derek recommended trying out these PhenQ pills that are considered to be the best alternative for the once highly popular phentermine (now banned due to various side effects). He explained that PhenQ works by burning fat AND suppressing appetite at the same time. Well, I didnt have anything to lose (except weight), so there I went and placed an order for a 1 months supply of PhenQ. The shipping through USPS went without a hitch and I had a package at my door within a week. And here my weight loss journey began. As per PhenQ dosage instructions, I started taking two PhenQ pills a day one before breakfast and the second one before having lunch, washing it down with a full glass of water. Here are the results, week by week:

Week #1 Didnt notice any drastic changes, however I could already feel that those cravings for food were slowly going away.

Week #2 First noticeable results! 3.7 pounds down. I believe this is strongly due to PhenQs appetite suppressing abilities. My daily food intake was nowhere close to what it used to be before I started taking PhenQ. And this has nothing to do with willpower. I simply didnt feel that hungry anymore!

Week #3 Almost 4 pounds down. It was obvious that my bodys metabolic rate had increased, because I started feeling thirsty more often. Its very important to drink lots of water throughout the day to stay well-hydrated, since this fat burner lives up to its claims and turns your body into a true fat-burning machine!

Week #4 Yet another 4.5 pounds down! A noticeable increase in energy levels led me back to Dereks gym. He showed me some basic exercises to do at home on a regular basis. The results so far were outstanding. After a month of taking PhenQ pills I managed to get rid of nearly 14 pounds without any specific diets or strict workout regimes.

Month #2 I ran out of my Phen supply, so I took use of their Buy 90 + 30 FREE offer since it was best value money wise. This time a package included PhenQ diet plan booklet as a bonus, which is a nice touch. Following one of the mentioned diet plans (you choose the right one based on sex/body type etc.), taking two PhenQ pills a day and exercising regularly, my weight dropped by another 19 pounds!

Month #3 Things went as usual; I kept averaging 4 to 5 pounds of fat loss per week. All the stored fat I had was being burned away, and most importantly, not coming back, thanks to significantly reduced calorie intake.

Month #4 Finally, my initial goal has been reached. PhenQ helped me to lose 60 pounds within 4 months. Now I weight 183 pounds instead of 240lbs! My self confidence is back I dont have to be shy anymore to take my clothes off in front of people (you know what I mean). All in all, life got a whole lot better!

I almost forgot to add a picture of my Phen supply. As you can see, it comes in tablet form, packaged in a well-sealed bottle. Each bottle consists of 30 units. If you have difficulties swallowing pills, dont worry, these are actually quite small!

So, does PhenQ work? The answer to the question many have been asking is most certainly YES. And when combined with a proper healthy diet plan it works wonders.
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