Diet Pill Won’t Help You Lose Weight

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Diet Pill is a scam

This should be the name of one of the topics in biology/chemistry/PA classes at schools. For the majority of times it’s a plain simple grab of money that companies are trying to achieve selling the new magic diet pill and everyone should be aware of that. Melinda Manore, an Oregon State University researcher, reviewed the evidence surrounding hundreds of weight loss supplements and found no evidence that any single product results in significant weight loss.

“What people want is to lose weight and maintain or increase lean tissue mass,” Manore said. “There is no evidence that any one supplement does this.”

We are all humans though and we all have hope that something better will find us. When a slim and most gorgeous celebrity tells us from the TV screens that she achieved her hot body by “following one weird old trick” (I think most should recognise this slogan of a popular diet pill campaign), we all fall into the trap! But think about it – if diet pills did work, we’d all be slim!

Another thing – and it’s usually in microscopic print – with all the diet pills you will find an annotation sheet that will tell you that the diet pill will most definitely work only in case you incorporate it into the healthy lifestyle – healthy diet, everyday exercise, and a large consumption of water!

You can lose weight just by following the annotation! If you are still big on supplements and believe in their force, better opt for things like Green Tea (and yes, you can take green tea extract), Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar, Flaxseed and/or Coconut Oil. They are all natural supplements that will help you melt the fat in the body.

Other than that, and this is my most sincere plea – DO NOT TAKE DIET PILL in order to lose weight. The magic injections or pills just don’t exist. If you want to lose weight forever, it won’t happen overnight! Nope! You do have to put some effort into it. Mainly commitment, because with the Diet Solution plan, it’s actually not hard to lose weight.