4 Keys To Turn Your Fat Loss Goals Into Reality

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There is so much confusion and misinformation that exists regardingstrength training and fat loss. Many individuals incorrectly assume that tolose weight they simply need to get on a treadmill or other piece ofcardiovascular equipment, walk or run for 30 minutes or so, work up a goodsweat and that’s it.

This is how many people get stuck after losing some weight/fatinitially then suddenly they cannot lose anymore and they fall short of theirgoals. This is also the time when the same people think they have toexercise even more and cut their calories down further. This is the recipethat will ruin anybody’s fat loss efforts and metabolism!

While cardiovascular training is part of the fat loss equation it simplyisn’t the whole picture. Sure it’s possible to drop some weight this wayinitially. However, as your body adapts progress and fat loss comes to ahalt.

You must consistently challenge your body to perform (there’s thatword again) beyond what it is comfortable with in order to create physicalchange and it takes more than just cardio alone to do that.

Let’s look at 4 keys to maximize your body’s performance, boost caloricexpenditure and burn body fat at the highest level:

Key #1) Increase muscularity- Muscle burns fat, therefore, the more muscleyou possess the more fat you burn. This is accomplished through anappropriately designed strength training program. 

Key #2) Activate more muscles during exercise sessions- This isaccomplished by performing a variety of exercises that integratemultiple muscle groups versus traditional exercises that isolate oneparticular muscle group. The more muscles used, the more caloriesyou burn, it’s that simple.

Key #3) Fat loss involves more than just cardio- Strength trainingprovides the stimulus for increased or sustained muscularity. Strengthtraining produces the highest caloric expenditure and “sets the stage”for fat burning during your cardiovascular exercise.

Key #4) Maximize the potential to utilize fatty acids for energy- Biggermuscles burn more fat. Strength training relies primarily on energyfrom glycogen (stored carbohydrates). As glycogen levels arerequired for strength training the body prefers to conserve glycogenfor strength training and use fat for energy at lower intensity exercise.

These 4 keys are your golden ticket when it comes to losing stubborn “skinny” body fat.